2 Stroke World Champs

2 Stroke World Champs
Here we are again, springtime in Southern California. With summer on the horizon, the usual go-to situation would be to start planning river, mountain & beach trips with your pals. While that sounds fun, relaxing and something that’s easily within reach, why not put all your priorities and desires to the wayside and scramble every spare second and dollar you have to get your beloved 2-stroke dirt bike together just in time for the highly anticipated Wiesco 2stroke Nationals at the famous Glen Helen Motocross Park?!
That’s what I and hundreds of other racers decided to indulge in. It’s like a summer kick-off party, but instead of mixing up Mai-tais, we’re mixing $20 a gallon race fuel for our prized machines.
While scenic views are far & few in San Bernardino… it’s easy to find a friendly smile, a cold beer, an old friend, and the beautiful haze that is 2-stroke fumes floating through the Glen Helen Park. Sounds like a party right?
Rolling into the track at 6am sharp, you can already hear dozens of eager racers twisting their throttles & letting the familiar sound of their bikes wake the day. With racing classes for the young, old, for the fast and for the slow; there is something for everyone, and that’s why everyone shows up. 
2-stroke bikes are the blood source in the whole body of motorcycling, it's what everyone started on, it’s the romance of the smells and sounds the bikes make that engulf our memories of the days we first started to call ourselves dirt bikers.
Written by Nick Lapaglia
Photos by @lo.goes.west


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