Great Scott!
Everybody has their favorite period in time. A bunch of quiff wearing diner lovers have converted a Newcastle warehouse the size of two hangers into one of the most well themed museums around. Their decade of choice was the 50s and there is no chance of forgetting as you step inside the diner where you are greeted by a novelty sized waiter. As you start to take everything in you start to build an appetite but quickly realize that the gas hobs dont work and that the girl behind the register is just there to look pretty. If you hang around the diner long enough it starts to get interesting as your attention turns to the Batman theme tune! As you walk to the next room your confronted by an exact replica of the Bat Mobile of that era. Complete with bat smoke, bat scope and emergency bat-turn lever. Even though there are endless features to be found within it, there are many other beauties on offer including a 1950 Buick Roadmaster, 1939 Lincoln Zephyr and a Delorean. You start to follow the crowd which pulls you into the second half of the warehouse. The sun soak room filled with what only seems like the entire cast of 'Cars' each with its own unique personality. 45 cars in total will have you locked in the room for hours, studying every line on the 56 Pontiac Starchief, 59 Ford Galaxie, 61 Chrysler Imperial just to list a few. Forgetting to mention that a lot of these cars are actually for sale as well. Lost in the 50s is open to the public once a month and costs $15 for adults and $10 for children. If you decide to travel back in time for a day then remember that the Deus X Sanbah pop-up store is just down the road.