Bali Dogs roaming Java Part 2

Bali Dogs roaming Java Part 2
So after the longest ride of our lives, we finally made it to the coast this morning. The boys who had flown in were already in the water, and the waves were 1 foot at best. So Julian who had dragged his board the better part of 700km ending borrow a Mini Mal from a girl.
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Time passed as the waves trickled in, and as the boys enjoyed the water, I watched as the local fishermen prepared the fish we had ordered for lunch. A beach side fire, started with coconut husks was all we needed as the pair proceeded to marinate and grill the fish they had caught minutes before.
everyone gathered on the sand to chow down on some late afternoon nourishment, telling tales of right hander's and cliff jumps. Julian was adamant that he pulled into a barrel in his session, but the photos later told the truth.
The fish was eaten and cars packed...the crew was heading to the airport...and we had to turn around and head home. After a short blast up and over a mountain, general fatigue and the inkling of a storm forced us to find shelter...and to our has WiFi!
Tomorrow we will start the long trek home, and will throw a post up when we hit home if you don't hear from us by then, come lookin!