Deus Ex Machina and Bimota share the same DNA, both produce custom motorcycles with recognizable designs and are driven by passion and creativity.

Owning a Bimota or a Deus motorcycle shares the same feeling for a rider, everybody looks at you at the traffic light with a big smile.

When Paolo invited us at Coupes Moto Legende one of the greatest historic events in France, for a Bimota Classic Parts meeting I had no doubt. Dijon-Prenois circuit has been super fun to ride and the people and atmosphere has been unreal.

I want to mention the Bimotisti toke part of the event:

Paolo Girotti (Bimota KB2 550 - 1884) Cristiano Doninelli (Bimota YB9 600 - 1994) Fabio Luxi (Bimota KB1 953 - 1978) Antonio Mangino (Bimota SB4 1100 - 1982) Graziano Molendi (Bimota YB9 600 - 1994) Manuel Nunez (Bimota SB7 - 750 1995) Alessandro Pieri (Bimota RS RF 250 - 1993) Alessandro Rossi (Bimota YB4 750 - 1989).

Pics: davidecalafa