Open Division

1 – Steve Doherty - 2006 CB Frame 1970 250cc 2 stroke motor.

Steve is no stranger to the Deus Bike Build Off crew - he came 2nd at last year's event. Back this year and wanting a taste of the much coveted first place and a chance at the world wide title. The bike was built using a heavily modified 2006 Honda CB frame and a 1970 250cc 2 stroke motor. The judges had, as you would expect, a tough decision to make but with Steve’s extreme passion, skill and absolute boundless enthusiasm he got what he came for. Thanks for making the trip from Orange mate.

2 – Darren Robinson - 1980 Yam Cafe Racer 50's Hotrod Colours

A keen entrant in this year’s Deus BBO, Darren transformed his 1980 Yamaha into a 50’s style custom. This beauty showed her pearly whites to the judges and won them over scoring 2nd place overall. Darren and his wife were chuffed to receive this honourable trophy. We have no doubt that Darren will be back next year with another high quality build.

3 – Mark Gurney - 1976 Yamaha XT 500

Mark was one of the very first people to register for the 2016 Deus BBO. He entered his 1976 Yamaha XT500 - a favourable bike to work with within the custom scene, Mark created a literal “Pocket Rocket”. This lean beast was about to shoot to the moon with its aerodynamic fairing and mean stance. Mark came along to have fun and to meet up with other like-minded individuals but never imagined he was going to win a place on the podium. A humble soul, he grabbed that trophy with pride. Another winner in the Deus books.

Small Bore Division

1 – Ian Roberts - 1950s lawn mower parts with 2 stroke engine board tracker

Visual antiquity created in the modern era by a believer in holding onto historical objects for repurposing. He started off with a 1950s lawn mower and a 2 stroke motor. Gaining inspiration from the early 1900’s board trackers, Ian built this machine by hand and took the Bike Build Off brief to hear, to make the most with the least.

2 – Oliver Boyett – Monowheel

Oliver turned convention on its head with his one wheel contraption. A genius fabricator and blacksmith with a side of madness could only be responsible for this amazing wheel of wonder.

3 – Ryan Mischkulnig – Trike

A Deus BBO regular, Ryan returned after last year’s event win with his super clean and electric Honda Cub - and came back swinging with his frankenstein Trike. He used a Honda NC50 Express frame mixed with a quad bike and 150cc engine and a lot of chops, welds and an eye for detail created this honourable 3rd place. Can't wait for next year's edition.

People’s Choice Award in memory of Mick Birchall

Troy Paschini – Green Pit Bike

Built at the Rusty Burrow with a little help from his mates and pure enthusiasm the People’s Choice Award fits Troy to a tee. The Malvern Star Dragster was Troy's push bike back in the day. After sitting in the garage as a dust mantle piece, he decided to bring it back to life as a fire breathing machine. Fabricated by hand and imagination, a pit bike motor was strapped to the frame, custom seat with sissy bar, and a new paint job. It was all there, baseball bat and all and even managed a quick burn out. The late Mick Birchall epitomised the Bike Build Off spirit and would have absolutely loved this machine. The award was kicked off with a few words from one of Mick's childhood friends and long time friend, Paul Edwards. The award was presented by Mick's wife, Jen, and three children, Archie, Max and Bells.

Online voting for the global people’s choice award opens this Friday the 30th of September at bikebuildoff.com, where you will be able to look through all the winners from Sydney, Milan, Tokyo, Bali and LA – make sure to get your vote in for your favourite.

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