Dirt communion - The Church of Slide returns.

Dirt communion - The Church of Slide returns.

The Sunday Church of Slide returns to the dusty vistas of Nepean Raceway.

Ever since it’s conception, the Sunday Slide congregation has grown from a few loyal disciples to a plethora of left turn enthusiasts. Coming from far and wide, to bask in a two-stroke haze.

Last Sunday’s gathering saw a record number of racers and sliders burn across the Nepean’s starting line — The weather of course did its very best impression of perfection.

The day started the way many mornings at Nepean start on race day; Like a calm before a storm. The 8:30am noise curfew gives riders a chance to quietly tinker on their machine, whilst wiping the sleep from their eyes or nursing a hangover.

After the herd has been caffeinated, all thanks to our trusty Coffee cart, the anticipation begins to mount. Clutch fingers begin to itch, “Oh just let me burn some oil” you heard them pray!

Brother A.Baker blessed the gathering with the house rules and a loud “F*ck Yeah!” Marking the official start of Sunday Slide numero 5.

Bikes of all strokes begin to fill the pit, and as the saying goes, they were off to the races.

Motorsport doesn’t get any more grass roots than Sunday Slide. A like minded community coming together on a dusty spring day, not for glory and first prizes, but to simply have fun.

Whether you’re a seasoned slider or a beginner on a thumper, a day out on the track will have your smiling all the same.