Deus ex Machina presents: DUST

Deus ex Machina presents: DUST
Dust follows Forrest’s return to the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu, Bali, tracing his journey through the Indonesian archipelago, the shaping of a diverse quiver from 5’4” fish, through performance shortboards and mid lengths to 9’6” logs, and joining with newfound and long lost friends in an indulgence of passion for boards and bikes. Joining Harrison Roach, Agi Agassi, Matt Cuddihy and Zye Norris, Forrest collaborates on bikes and boards, surfs the innumerable breaks of Indo and lays tracks in the dust of Mount Bromo, Lombok and Batur. “As soon as I met Harry, Zye and the whole crew I knew we were in for a good time with good friends,” he says. “We got some amazing footage and did some amazing riding in one of the most unique places on earth to ride a motorcycle.” This is Dust – a union of friends and mindsets, kicking spray in dirt and water, a creation of dust in myriad form and a life come full circle. Dust premieres globally at The Deus Residence of Impermanence, Harajuku, Japan, on Saturday 14th May at 6pm - live online on Sunday 15th. Check social media for more information and links.

'DUST' - the Forrest Minchinton Story

Filmed, edited & directed by Andre Cricket

Produced by Dustin Humphrey & the Deus Temple of Enthusaism


Forrest Minchinton

Harrison Roach

Matt Cuddihy

Billy Hawkins

Kelana Humphrey

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