Just Add Water

Just Add Water

Water it and it will grow could be applied to the Deus ex Machina family. And if by water it you mean having had the most amazing crew of shapers, surfers, artist, musicians, film makers and so forth come through our Bali Temple, hang out, chat, ride and shape. Hell, people just doing whatever comes naturally. Then ladies and gentlemen, we have a green thumb.

And sometimes something happens. Whether it be that planets align, or the light shines off it in just the right way we're not very sure. But every now and then a group of people just jell. Bond. So it was with us and Joel & Chrystal Fitzgerald. Quicker than you can say, Brand Ambassadors, we are beside ourselves as we welcome them into our Deus family.

Our first two Byron Bay bods, though hardly natives. Joel grew up on the northern beaches of News South Wales. Hanging in the Hot Buttered shaping bay and surfing North Narrabeen with his two brothers. And Chrystal grew up in Wai'anae, the main town on Oahu's leeward coast with her mum and sister.

Joel, after twelve years on the pro tour, has slowed a lot and is about enjoying life. Nowadays he spends the majority of his out of water time shaping boards while wife and soul mate Chrystal, is editing videos or doing her art. Both of them spend an inordinate amount of time exploring the planet not only for waves but also adventure. New experiences and cultures. It's a good thing then they love to travel.

Last year the couple came to Bali to get married. During that time they dropped by the Deus Temple and we met and all got to hang out a bit. Mostly there was banter and surfing. It came easily. This year they were back and things just went from there. Natural like. A whole lot more of that chatting led to the recognition that we shared a lot of the same ideals, wants and needs.

We're super stoked to present our newest Ambassadors at large. Their natural simple style of living has warmed our hearts, as we're sure they'll warm yours. It's what we are about. What we want to be about.