Luftgekühlt 3 - The Gmünderful State of Modernica

Luftgekühlt 3

As the first light of Sunday morning pushed the darkness that lay over Downtown LA back over the hills a syncopated clatter of hundreds of waterless engines queueing patiently to park up for the day in the expansive yards of Modernica rattled the serenity out of bed and heralded the start Luftgekühlt 3.

Original paint 912s and battle-scarred 935s shuffled cheek by jowl into position next to the rare beasties that had slept the night in the security of the famous mid-century modern furniture factory - priceless early icons like a '49 Gmünd, an Abarth 356, and special one-off masterpieces from the garage of Rod Emory. Greeted at the gate by Porsche works factory racer and event frontmen Patrick Long and his parter in crime Howie Idelson. The variety of people and Porsches represented was breathtaking - including Jerry Seinfeld and his 904 Carrera GTS, Jack Croul's ultra-rare 1960 356B Carrera GTL Abarth, Bruce Canepa’s 959 and homologation 934 from the Matsuda collection, Jeff Zwart's 1948 356 Gmünd Coupe, Jim Edwards’ Interscope RSR, Don Murray’s Lufthansa-liveried 914-6, Tim Pappas’ magenta 1975 911 Carrera built by Gunnar Racing and Wayne Dempsey's 1958 Porsche Speedster. As the day gathered pace it was obvious that the enthusiasm that circulates in this community runs deep, there was no defining demographic and all comers seemed to share a fascination with the galaxy of cars assembled. The main event of the day was scheduled for 12pm - the auction by RM Sotheby’s of a the special Luft Rally car built by a group of very talented individuals with the proceeds going to the Autumn Leaves Project, a charity helping find a cure for pancreatic cancer. A full story on the car, the cause and the auction will follow in the next few days as this is a story that really needs its own headline! The sun passed overhead and the multifarious masses started to peel away, visually exhausted with their automotive appetites sated until the next installment. Special thanks to Modernica for opening their doors wide and far, Clutch for providing food, 805 for the beer, Vittoria for the coffee, and the countless others who dedicated their time and effort to make the event a grand success! Shop Luftgekühlt