The Deus Gallery has a new show opening this Friday called ‘Mysterioso’. The artist name is Clayton Barr and he’s lived in Bali for the last 20 years. Clayton discovered Art on the same day that he fell in love with the surf. Not surprising to hear that he’s been channeling these complimentary mediums ever since.

Most visitors to Bali would have seen his work without even knowing. He’s been Illustrating for the Bali based brand ‘Surfer Girl’ since it started, his day job. However he’s always squirreled away time to do his own thing. Experimenting with different mediums, materials and fabrics to exercise the demons of the other more freeform side of his artistic nature.

More recently he’s rekindled the fire with a different combustible and came out creating work that he’s now cached together to form this exemplary show, “Mysterioso”

The underlying concept of Mysterioso is an attempt to bring sense to the senseless. Clarity to everything that’s difficult to explain or understand. Radically altering his whole approach to the physical canvas allows him to expose hidden truths that until now, had lain dormant within his paintings. Get up close, you’ll see what we mean. Stand back and you’ll begin to notice a pattern reoccurring either under the paint or just barely appearing on the surface.

So please join us at the Deus Gallery as we present Mysterioso this Friday the 21st September. Doors open at 6pm and we’ve some complimentary Bintangs to help kick start the free flow of ideas.