Nature of Surf Women

Nature of Surf Women

Nature of Surf Women is an interactive photography book that will take you on a journey with women surfers in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Combining traditional visual storytelling with the vivid sounds of the ocean, songs, and audio interviews, the book offers 22 stories of individual journeys, best friends adventuring together, family challenges, finding surf buddies, and mother-daughter bonding.

“We have photographed 30 women from ages 12 to 67 of all body types, ethnicities, and abilities in the water creating a unique artistic image that represents the beauty and strength of the female body. In their own unique ways, they have all been transformed by surfing.” Gabi Tellez, photographer

The book’s introduction is written by Holly Beck, a former professional surfer and founder of women's surf retreat Surf with Amigas. Renowned audio naturalist Martyn Stewart contributed original recordings from Costa Rican jungles. The effect, through QR codes and self-guided exploration through the book, is a deeper emotional connection between the reader and the surfer.

Most of all, our goal with Nature of Surf Women is that women who discover the book might identify with those on its pages, get inspired to grab a board or dive into whatever adventures they’ve always dreamed of having.

To help bring our project to life and print the book, we invite fellow surfers, ocean lovers, and friends to preorder or contribute to our Kickstarter campaign running from June 8-July 8, 2022.

"Ain't it fun" with Nature of Surf Women, June 24, from 5 pm at Deus Emporium Venice
Join the creators of the book for a sneak peek into the book design and production journey from the beaches of Costa Rica to the fresh test prints. Enjoy an exhibition of limited edition prints from the book in an evening with friends and fellow ocean lovers.

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