Neal Purchase Jr

Neal Purchase Jr

What can be said about a man who carries multiple cards up his sleeve? First and foremost a family man, a legend of a surfer, an artist and a musician?

While over in Bali on holiday with his wife and kids there was a bit of a rumor that N.P.Jr was bopping around and slashing up our local breaks. Low and behold, we ran into him with his family and put the mystery to rest. Neal Purchase Jr was in our part of town.

Over the last year Salsa has seen his share of sticks under his goofy feet. But there was his old faithful that we couldn’t get him off of, a N.P.J. quad fin that goes by the name ‘The Quartet’. So we ran into ‘ol mate down at the beach and asked him if he wanted to make a few boards while he was here. So in the Temple shaping bay Neal went, scratching out some mean sticks for the racks over here at The Temple along with all the Deus locations. Oh and one for Salsa of course.

During his stay in the bay Neal also found time to form a makeshift band and jammed under the stars showing he’s a jack-of-all-trades. So Neal in my book you’re the Fletch of Canggu. Do yourself a favor and swing into The Temple and take a gander at the new Neal Purchase Jr shapes…

Oh yeah, he left me a 6’4 and it’s sick! Thanks for that brother, you’re a legend and ill see you in the ocean…