ONE OF ONE - Premiere

ONE OF ONE - Premiere

Last Friday we opened our doors to host the official Bleach Design Werks bike and video launch “One OF One” featuring Deus’ own Kelana Humphrey and his Bleach customized TC 85 race bike.

As guests began to arrive in the Deus Emporium they were greeted with beers, tacos, a live DJ and photo booth. Ranging from all ages, you could find kids running around, adults young and olde mingling and the projector screen playing a photo slide show of images from behind the scenes of the video shoot.

As the night progressed and the shop began to pack out. Monti Smith introduced the film as he brought up the owner of “Bleach” & producer of the film Mikey Ojeda, as well as the star Kelana Humphrey to share a few words before the film played. Mikey stated “One Of One is a project that shares so many one-off unique parts but mainly the unique personality of Kelana Humphrey. For Kelana to be able to see my vision and execute at such a young age is what made this project happen. I am truly proud of him”. As Kelana took the stage he thanked everyone who had been a part of the project and quoted “Thank you, Deus, for opening the doors for us to premiere my film and Mikey for making me the coolest mini bike there is”.

The filmed rolled as the opening scene graced the Los Angeles City Skyline with Kelana on his 85cc bike to set the tone. From street jumps, city hall nose wheelies, monumental downtown locations, stand up seat wheelies and more this film lived up to its name “One Of One”. If you haven’t seen the film yet it's a definite must.

Thanks to all who came and joined us to celebrate.

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