Downtown Shakedown - Deus Manly Launch

Downtown Shakedown - Deus Manly Launch

Nothing quite like the gathering of the congregation drinking frothies to break in a new space – Last Friday night saw the official launch of our new Manly Spot at 1/18 Raglan St, Man-Town (Manly)

Long hair yahoos, beatniks, surf rats, greasers and art freaks alike gathered from all corners to make our little space feel like home, and to partake in the tin can recycling pastime we like to call “free drinks”. Before we could even empty the last bag of ice from the local servo, the place had reached capacity and the stoke had peaked well before the sun went down.

Once the sunlight had faded enough for the projector, the crowd got themselves a free viewing session of next surf adventure film, “Death Rides a Horse” – Keep ya’ll peepers peeled, coming soon. (promise)

The evening digressed in typical fashion, as you can imagine. All in all, an amazing party to celebrate another branch of the Deus family tree.

Thanks to all who cam and enjoyed themselves, and special thanks to our sponsors:

Young Henrys, Nusa Caña Cocktails, Winona Wines, Vittoria, Sonoma, Deus Cafe, and Thomas Bexon for bringing down his quiver