Netherlands - In the last weekend of August, the beautiful estate of Plantage Rococo transformed into the most iconic parking lot in all of the Netherlands. While a few kilometers away, we could hear the roaring engines of the Formula 1 cars at the Dutch GP in Zandvoort, a tribe of 4x4 and overland adventurers gathered on the estate of Plantage Rococo for a weekend of shared passion for 4x4 overlanders, culinary delights, South African wine and biltong, soul-stirring music, tales of daring escapades and nights under the stars. The catalyst for this gathering? Deus Parking Lot d’Elegance: an extraordinary assembly of iconic overlanders. 

This odyssey embodied the essence of adventure, self-built 4x4 geekiness, the art of welding by Bonno Beths, campfires infused with an aura of exploration and anticipation. Accompanied by our South African friends of ROF and supported by the illustrious Dutch Rovers and their vintage Landrovers, we paid homage to craftsmanship and the spirit of offroad adventure. The day's musical backdrop came courtesy of the soulful South African melodies of Oliver Jeremy. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the iconic Woodstock 69 Bloemendaal legends took the stage, transporting us into the night with their enigmatic tunes.

The following morning, we put our vehicles to the test at the nearby offroad track. 4x4 owners and lovers of any age could challenge their classic overlanders on the terrain. The rain had treated us well the day before, rendering the track wet, slippery, and muddy. Just the way we like it. We’d take a mud bath like this every day. 

 Doesn’t matter if it’s 2- or 4-wheels, we believe this is the start of many more, muddy weekends to come. As we look back, the mud on our faces is a testament to the epic weekend we shared. 

Thanks to our partners:

Dutch Rovers
Plantage Rococo


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