Record Store Day at Deus Asakusa 2020

Record Store Day at Deus Asakusa 2020

We’ve got an annual event we are stoked to support, “Record Store Day (RSD)”, normally held every April. And surprise, surprise it was almost nixed this year due to that lil’ ol’ global COVID-19 pandemic. Then the gals & guys had a light bulb moment, they devised a cunning plan to hold the event in three parts, or as they called them“RSD DROPS” plonking them on the calendar a month apart in August, September, and October. Wanting to support this fantastic event, Deus Ex Machina Asakusa jumped at the chance for both the September and October RSD DROPS.

Brilliant days washed in the tickle of the deepening autumn, made the chosen weekends a couple of mighty fine festive time. For these, its first events since opening in the Spring, Deus Asakusa organized guest DJ sets, vintage vinyl-record & cassette-tape flea markets, and a hand-print silkscreen workshop to decorate tees and totes with Deus Records logo art. The flea markets and workshops were set up during daylight hours while after dark was saved for dimming the lights and grooving to the DJ sets. Both night and day the guests who stopped by were served up sublime music, delicious food and intoxicatingly delightful drinks.

– The September (26/27) Drop: A vintage vinyl-record & cassette-tape flea market held together with Face Records & Tasteet production. DJ sets starred DJ Yogurt and DJ Conomark, members of and crowd favourites of the DJ line-up previously at Deus Harajuku’s Trapdoor.

– The October (24/25) Drop: Back by popular demand, a repeat of the vintage vinyl-record & cassette-tape flea market, alongside a hand silk-screen print workshop where guests hand-print their own T-shirt with Deus Records logo art. DJ sets hosted by DJ Moodman also a member of Trapdoor’s DJ line-up, along with two new faces to Deus but representing the local downtown area, DJ MAS aka SENJU-FRESH! and DUBINCH.

After the year that was, event-goers sincerely enjoyed getting out and digging through the vinyl crates, striking up conversations with fellow music-lovers, and for a lot of folks, trying their hand for the first time challenge of hand printing a silkscreen t-shirt. The heartwarming scene of children cautiously hand-printing their mom and dad’s tees left a warm friendly impression to the downtown vibe. The live DJ sets kicked off in the evening and the turn-out of families with children enjoying the tunes resulted in a fun atmosphere where both kids and grown-ups alike got together having a great time. The talented DJ‘s had Asakusa grooving all through the nights.

Since the closure of Deus Harajuku in March, this was really the first opportunity in a long time that Deus has had to gather with a group of likeminded people, Deus regulars, new locals, and DJ fans, all of whom came together for a healthy dose of that special sauce, good vibes. Although gatherings in this new day and age will probably have a completely different look and feel to what we were used to but participating in these RSD DROPS, gave us an up-close sense that with music people will genuinely enjoy themselves no matter the circumstances.

We can’t wait to see everybody again soon!


RSD DROPSとして,8,9,10月の3回に分け開催された。
デウスレコーズアートの手刷りTシャツ& トートのワークショップを開催した。


9月は Face Records&Tastee T Productionとレコード&カセット等のフリマを開催し、

DJ 陣は 原宿店で開催していた DJ イベント Trapdoor でも
お世話になっていた DJ Yogurt , DJ Conomarkが 9月に、そして10月は DJ Moodman ,
今回初登場の東京の下町地元代表のお二人 DJ MAS aka SENJU-FRESH! DUBINCH


新しい時代でのイベントは これから変わりゆくものであろうとは思うが、

Special Thanks

RSD Japan


Face Records

Tastee T Production

All photos and Film by Keisuke Tanigawa 

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