Salé XJR1300

We've always been a fan of the Yamaha XJR1300, since its introduction in the late 90s the unassuming 1.3 litre brute has been a staple of the sports touring scene – largely due to its ergonomic cockpit and effortless power delivery. After its first big update in 2015 (which sadly never made it to Oz) the custom bike scene woke up to the potential of the big bruiser thanks in part to Yamaha's yard built program.

So when Salé approached Jeremy with the idea of transforming his XJR into a murdered out and stripped back homage to the XJR australia never received Jez was more than willing to make this idea a reality.

First step was to strip back the ugly by removing the bulky and outdated rear end, seat, side covers and stock muffler. Jeremy then modified the subframe to accept the Euro spec seat and hand formed the side panels from alloy to follow the lines of the tank and mate up with the new seat perfectly.

Now that the basic shape of the bike was mocked up it was time for the finer details to be ironed out. Up front the stock clocks were ditched for a Motogadget ( Motoscope Pro, the switchgear tossed aside for some Purpose Built Moto ( 3 button switches and the headlight for a PBM Flashpoint unit. Rizoma handlebars and mirrors finished the cockpit perfectly.

With the cosmetics up to scratch it was time for the suck, bang, blow to match. DNA Filters ( Supplied a custom set of their CNC Billet top XVO Filters to suck substantially more air into the donk. To make the most of all the extra air Power Commander V and dyno tune at RB racing were used to optimise the bang. Lastly a classic Conic 70's exhaust from SC project ( was utilised to make sure there was enough blow.. and noise.

With all this extra go go it was time to think about stop stop. New brake and clutch master cylinders, oversize discs and 6 pot calipers from Discacciati ( mated via a set of Hel brake lines ensure that stopping this beast is a cake walk.

Lastly Marc from Sydney Custom Spray Painting worked his magic spraying the bike in gloss black with a subtle red flake and a matte black Deus logo that continues down through the side covers.