Slidetober Surf, Music & Art Fest - 16th October 2011

Slidetober Surf, Music & Art Fest - 16th October 2011
We can not believe that the first birthday of the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm is coming up. What a year! But it's not over yet and we are so hyped getting ready for our biggest event yet, it's like new years eve in October!
The Deus Slidetober Surf, Music & Art fest.
Morning people, we need 48 surfers, to kick off at Canggu Beach at 7am. Bring the family, dog, bucket and spade, but we'll warn you now, our surf competition isn't your common garden variety, it comes with a couple of quirky wrinkles. For one thing all of the surfboards retro/vintage will be supplied. Secondly, and something oh so much more Dice Man, competitors will choose which board they use when they spin the Wheel ‘o’ Rides. A veritable chocolate wheel choc-a-block full of fiberglass. Each round another spin. Crazy man!
As the sun sinks behind Java, lets head back up the road for the music and awards night at the Temple. We have MC’s, DJ’s, local bands and we are stoked to tell you that headlining, flying in from Australia for one night only, ‘The Holidays’
Already sated? But wait there's more. See the cool art below? Well that would be the work of long time Deus artistic collaborator, Stevie Gee. He's flying down from blighty a couple of weeks prior to the event to do a sort of 'artist in residence thing' which will culminate on the night with the opening of his show, 'Deeds not Words.' hung in the Deus gallery. What a night full of shenanigans!
And because it's our first anniversary we'll also have birthday cake!
So much on, you would be mad to miss it. Note it down on your calendar, though we'll give you another digital nudge a little closer to the date.
Contestants for the surf side of things can sign up at Deus Canggu or Deus Oberoi. Hurry, positions are going fast. Questions? Email us at or phone Monty on 0819 1671 0051