Stevie Gee - Artist In Residence

Stevie Gee - Artist In Residence
If you have had the chance to visit the Temple of Enthusiasm, or are a regular here to our fair blog, you might recognize the work of British artist Stevie Gee. He has been one of our contributing artists for the past year, illustrating his own brand of awesome from his England based studio and sending the love in our direction.
Now the time has come for him to grace us with his eclectically artistic presence and we cant wait. He will shortly be braving the perils of air travel and joining us on our little slice of paradise…and low and behold he's bringing a show with him!
'Deeds not Words' is the name of the highly anticipated art show which encompasses various forms of both media and mediums. The opening night is on Sunday the 16th of October, and just so happens to coincide with our one year anniversary surf festival 'Slidetober' of which Stevie designed the poster for.
Slidetober and art show aside, we are also very happy to have Stevie island side to be the first creative mind to participate in our Deus 'Artist in Residence' program. Artists from all walks of life will take their turn to settle in our refurbished 100 year old joglo and spend time relaxing, drinking and creating.
Cant wait till ya get over here Stevie, we'll keep a Bintang on ice for your arrival.