I’m back!

The roosters were cockadoodledoodlin’ as we packed the van at the Temple this morning. Gotta love waking up early with a new wave and a few barrels to look forward to. Off we went, down the coast in search of quiet tube time. We found it, surfed it and came home all smiles. It was a wicked welcoming from a Balinese beachie.

Sunburnt and happy, I was ready to crack a beer and call it a day. “Harrisonsannn!!! It’s motorcycle track time!” It wasn’t to be. There ain’t no time for rest here. Along with the Texan ‘Land’ boys we were out to scout a new location for our Slidetober event. Yep, that’s right, we’re looking to add a Custom Moto X division to the already wild weekend.

Flick a few corners, squeeze past some traffic and you can find just about anything in Bali. Ten minutes from the Temple we were presented with the sight of childhood dreams: Small jumps and fast berms, perfect for lighthearted thrill seeking, a Moto X track that didn’t look like it wanted to break our backs. Booya! Each lap the berms rode faster and the jumps launched higher. Cheesy grins were plastered on everyone’s faces. Next thing we know a line was drawn and the countdown to a race had begun… bad idea. We made two corners before Deus Indonesia boss Dustin Humphrey was sliding across the gravel. Ha-ha. What a fun time! Round two went worse than the first. One of the Land boys slid out round a berm before Dustin went down a ditch and over the handlebars. The boys had red faces, raw backs and ridiculous facial expressions. In their defense, the custom bikes aren’t suited to the dirt, but hey… the rest of us didn’t fall.

We called it quits for the day. The adrenaline that came with launching a motorbike off a jump was going to get someone hurt. A little bent, but definitely not broken, we bailed back to the Temple for a very refreshing round of beers.

Harrison Roach