The call of Sardinia returns to feed the dusty dreams of enduro riders, and here comes the fourth consecutive edition of the Swank Rally of Sardinia to satisfy the hunger for dirt. September, 27th  –  October, 1st the official dates.

We're gonna partner again with Adventure Riding to set up what we think is the greatest Swank Rally of all.
The formula is as simple as effective: the riders for each stage face a special time segment – time that each participant will self-take, making the event a real gentleman race.
The rally is open to vintage, modern and special motorcycles and everyone is welcome: enthusiasts, amatour, champions and rally veterans.


As we think that taking part in the event should be in first place a pleasure for everyone, we have different rules for different categories and we let participants choose the one they feel more comfortable in.
In fact, it will be possible to register in the Competitive category in which the pilot license and navigation with roadbook is mandatory, divided between vintage (R1) and modern (R2), or in the Non-Competitive category (E1) that will follow the same route, but with the chance of participating simply with the motorcycle club card and choosing the method of navigation, without entering the official ranking.

It is included also a special ranking dedicated to the teams - made up of 3 or 4 member - of which official teams are also waiting to be confirmed.

While the spirit that distinguishes the event and that makes it unique in the motorcycle scene is still the same since the first edition, we added many jolly good news at the upcoming Rally:
The news starts from the prologue, where the first self-timed stage at the Crossodromo of Malpensa will take place at night, as per tradition of the famous Rally of Sardinia in the 80s. So don't forget the light.
After an early morning wake up – we’ll be ready for heading Geona via dirt-roads and rocky paths, passing though the wildest side of three regions.  Along this route the riders will participate in 2 special stage: An absolute highlight is the acceleration race (as in the regularity races of the 70s) that will be held on the famous Pirelli test track in Vizzola Ticino, exceptionally granted by our new sponsor Metzeler, and a second special task will take place on the mountains of the Ligurian hinterland.

The arrival in Sardinia with landing in Olbia will be the most important change -  this year we’ll ride in the east side of the island, with stages of 270-280 km per day, along a route never faced before by the participants of the Swank Rally of Sardinia, but which will not be outdone compared to the past years in terms of scenography and fun.


With the next edition, the successful partnership with Yamaha is renewed for the fourth year in a row. In fact, they will land in Sardinia bringing the Tènèrè Spirit Ambassadors and their cavalry, ready to pay tribute once again to the name that conquered the glory and the hearts among the African deserts. 

A new important partner joins the team – GNV who will embark on this adventure the Rally caravan and will host the awards ceremony in one of the special rooms located inside the ferry on the way back from Olbia to Genoa.

Motor Bike Expo, one of the most important motorcycle fairs of the European scene, renews its relationship with the Swank Rally of Sardinia bringing its team from the Lombard plains to the Sardinian beaches. The exebition that will be held at the end of January 2023 in Verona will host the stand dedicated to the Swank Rally of Sardinia where we’ll be telling all fans about our adventures at the Rally.

This year Metzeler will also take part in the adventure and for the occasion will launch the new Karoo 4 offroad tire. It will also be insured by part of the German company the tire change service to all participants, both on the continent and on the island, in order not to leave anyone without pieces during the event.

Breitling it is reconfirmed as the Official Watch of the event and also for this edition will line up its Squad of drivers at the starting blocks of the race.

A further service will also be provided by Garmin to all enthusiasts who will participate with the satellite navigators of the famous market leader brand. The Garmin technicians, in fact, will follow the event step by step so that they are ready to give technical support to anyone who needs it. In collaboration with Garmin, there will also be a special award dedicated to navigation: the Precision Trophy which rewards the three pilots of the category "Experience" which will have covered, throughout the event, the number of kilometers closest to that indicated by the organization.

We’ll have a new technical partners this year: Olitema, the line of engine oils with sustainable synthetic bases of natural origin that is distinguishing itself on the market for its green philosophy.

Registrations are officially open and the many pilots already registered foretell a special edition, like never before.

 All the info and costs are available at www.rallydisardegna.com