Taco & Tattoo Tuesday - Deus Noosa

Taco & Tattoo Tuesday - Deus Noosa

The best way to break in a new store is by having a house warming to run amok with the local beatniks. This wasn’t any old store opening party - its been 2 years in the making, with the pandemic slamming the breaks on all previous plans. The Deus Noosa flagship store has been waiting, impatiently, all dressed up to be shown off to the world.

So, in order to make up for 2 years of lost time, and to make sure we  did the Noosa store justice, we express shipped some Indonesian flavour to the Noosa sands with a Taco & Tattoo Tuesday as part of the Noosa Festival Of Surfing. Someone must have packed in their tropical climate too, graced with a scorching hot evening and a humidity level that made everyone feel like there were back in Canggu.

For those that have spent time at the Deus Temple this concept will not be foreign. It’s a night our friends and their skin have grown to love, and last night the electric humming of the tattoo gun hit the ears of sunny coast surf rats. Tacos, Tattoos and a bunch of drinks on the house.

Doors opened at 6pm and by the time it rolled around we had a 20 deep line at the door, for those eager to get their skin inked by the artists of White Tiger Tattoo Studio and hoe in to a heathy dose of Mexican munchies.

Now’s a good time to say a big thank you to local culinary power couple Bill & Tracy Kaczmarek who not only pulled together some of the greatest tacos and salsa man has ever eaten, but double as the parents of Deus team member, Dylan Kaczmarek, who has been a part of our Deus family for eons, and put together the night.

As the sunlight faded over the Hastings Street roundabout, the party hit full stride, digressing in typical fashion. The music played, the drinks were drunk and we celebrated our way through the night.

To everyone who came - thank you, to everyone that missed It - sucks to be you. But my lord did we have fun doing it! So who knows, there may be another one someday soon.

It wouldn’t have been half the event without our drink sponsors White Claw and Stone & Wood, a massive thank you to both for fighting flood waters and serious coastal carnage to get us the grog. Tasty, refreshing and much needed refreshments as the thermometer boiled to a burst. 

Photos by: Kenyon Batterson


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