Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the night, it would be remiss not to mention the hero in this story. If you follow any Deus social channels you might have seen our recent collaboration with luxury watch maker – Breitling, but for those who haven’t, do yourself a favor and check it out here.

Now that’s done, let’s get into it.

“Top Time Deus” was designed as a nod to the original Breitling watch while encapsulating the true nomad spirit that runs within both brands. However, when said spirit results in a love child of analog perfection, the product is met with an even mix of excitement and responsibility. That responsibility lies within creating a Tik worthy of it’s Tok… In layman’s terms; a launch party worthy of the product.

With Covid restrictions limiting our ability to “Project X” The House of Simple Pleasures, we got creative – opening Workshop, Retail and Café spaces to create a Top Time euphoria. The wonderland consisted of red and blue mood lighting, a 10 ft media wall and last but not least, a glass display box covered in a thick black curtain which contained the holy grail of the night, the Top Time Deus.

Champagne welcomed each guest, and if crystalline pearls weren’t enough to quench a thirst, Mayors of Flavor Town; Archie Rose filled the void in style, serving two signature cocktails poured over custom made ice cubes. If that doesn’t say prestige, I don’t know what does.

Notable friends spotted amongst the watches and motorcycles included Sally Fitzgibbons, Chris McCormack, Jeremy Tagand and Seirra Lerbach – while the Breitling Managing Director Christopher Leigh was found dancing a-top the retail counter welcoming guests.

In the lead up to the watch reveal Christopher spoke about his excitement for the brand collaboration, with sentiments only echoed by the grins of Deus godfathers; Dare Jennings and Carby Tuckwell – both of which scrubbing up nicely  (see image gallery for more).

When the clock stroke 7, Christopher de-robed the display box and unveiled the Top Time for those in attendance. Inquisitive “ooh’s” and joyful “aah’s” filled the room, followed by a frenzy of people moving to get a closer glimpse of Breitling’s newest addition.

Once everyone had a look and feel of the watch, the café doors opened and House Chef Takeshi got to work serving a 4 course Japanese menu. The evening digressed in typical fashion – moving past bed times in style. Tummys were filled, laughs were shared and goody bags stashed.

Overall the night was a great success with welcomed guests and new Deus friends coming together to celebrate the launch of The Top Time Deus. A big thank you to Archie Rose who supplied the cocktails and Breitling for their efforts throughout the entire process.

See more of the collaboration here:



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Photos by Kenyon Batterson