We say goodbye and you say hello

We say goodbye and you say hello
The surfing community in Bali brushed off the bedclothes at dawn this morning and made their way to Pantai Batu Bolong to pay final respects to a man that meant many different things to many different people.
Phillip Carroll, 21 Feb 1951 - 30 August 2011.
The irony that today is fathers day (in Australia and some other parts of the world) wasn't lost on us as we paddled out behind the break that a lot of us got to know the fella that was affectionately called 'Papa'.
A break all and sundy want to bear his name. Phil's Right. A fitting tribute that is not only testament to the man but to the life lived. A true person of the people. A guy that got as well as embraced the human condition. He saw past imperfections most us get hung up on. Enthusiasm personified.
Brisk cool water embraced us as we dove in. Warmth sought within our thoughts of this bloke, as we made the long paddle out. Monty spoke some simple yet ever so perfect words, dipping into our souls and giving voice to those inner private thoughts, all of which left us all thinking about the bit-parts each and everyone of us played in the pantomime of this giant of a man's life.
We want to live a full and varied life. Today we paid our respects to a bloke that not only did that but pushed the packet in almost every aspect. He was filthy Phil, he was a best friend, he was a lover, he was a father, and also Papa Panini. Fisherman, surfer, builder, horse whisperer, skier, sailboarder, whatever one sets their mind to.
See you out at Phil's Right. Remember the motto... "No droppin' in!"