Eddy Hamaty

You’d be forgiven for thinking Eddy had surfing in the blood, but the self-taught convert grew up in Sydney’s western suburbs rebuilding bikes in the garage with his dad.

Following a move to Sandon Point on the south coast, surfing quickly became a daily obsession and his competitive career is in full swing.

Inspired by the likes of Asher Pacey, Bryce Young and Jai Glinderman, Hamaty described his style as “an attempt to make surfing a pleasure to watch” and we agree.⁠

Growing up in Sydney’s western suburbs, rebuilding bikes in the garage with his dad, Eddy was an avid swimmer, motocross rider and go-karter, He was initially resistant to picking up a board and it wasn’t until his thirteenth birthday that he got his first taste. And we are glad he did. ⁠

On land, Hamaty is still a car and bike enthusiast ”to the point where it’s probably annoying to those who can’t relate”.