The Swank Rally Winter comes back at MBE. A big gathering of friends and legends is always a good reason to put together a ride and have some laps in a circuit.

What do you have to know? Just few things, it’s all about style and fun, the rest is up to us. 
First thing, Click HERE for Italian.


1.  Vintage, special, inappropriate or over 160kg offroad bikes are allowed. Since we'll ride on the road too, the bike must have the registration.

2. Be swanky and be a legend. Speed is not a real matter for us. Show off some cool outfits (in any way) and stand out among the average rider.

3. Apply to be part of the gang. Unfortunately, we can’t host you all, so you first need to apply below by uploading a picture of your bike and filling out all the boring details. You’re gonna receive a confirmation email when your request will be approved and you'll be directed to the Federation registration page. First coming, first served!

4. You’ll just need a device to read GPX track actually, or at least a friend with one.

5. FMI membership card or license + medical certificate (non-competitive medical certificate)

Any question?


7:30 > Meeting at MBE, Gate C + Registration + Breakfast

9:00 > Briefing

10:00 > Start transfer: 40km; 50% Offroad. (1h 20)

11:00 > First special stage: Regularity

12:00 > Snack Break at Costa Arénte

12:30 > Transfer to MBE: 25km; Road (1h)

13:30 > Lunch Break

14:30 > Free laps on the circuit, self-timed

16:00 > Prizegiving. Talk Stage at Hangar 5

THE COST: 180€


  • Registration
  • Goodie bag
  • Breakfast
  • Snack Break
  • Lunch
  • Parking spot
  • Entrance at MBE

Any question? Write to