6th Annual Deus 9ft & Single - Mini Documentary

6th Annual Deus 9ft & Single - Mini Documentary

6 years ago, just after the Temple of Enthusiasm had opened its doors, a seed was planted between friends. The idea of an informal surf competition had been thrown around for a while amongst some of the original surf crew down at Tugu and Oldman’s. Steve ‘Monty’ Montell then came up with the idea that the event be based around what they rode the most, which happened to be Logs….Big, soft railed and running a single fin.

Being the Man of Action that he is, Monty, who had a background competing in traditional long boarding competitions, stepped up and took lead setting up the inaugural event. It just so happened that Californian surfer/shaper/artist Tyler Warren was in town and was stoked to participate, shaping his own board in the Temple shaping bay and putting together an art exhibition. This is also when the lovable Noosa legend Thomas Bexon became the first shaper to do a residence in the shaping bay, pumping out some of the first Logs to be sold at the Temple.

It turned out to be a fun filled day at the beach and a good night in the Temple's courtyard and from there the 9ft & Single was born. Now, 5 years later, it has turned into a 4 day festival, celebrating a multitude of competitions and events. From Film premieres to the body surfing contest, the Ladies Log Fest and the under 9ft & single, the shapers forum and the art shows and of course the main 9ft & Single event, not to mention Canggu’s biggest party of the year…the event has definitely solidified itself as one to mark in the calendar.

This year, surfers from all over the world, both professional and enthusiast along with shapers young and old, including the legendary Bob McTavish, who has become a somewhat staple at the event, gathered at the Temple to celebrate the 6th instalment of the Deus 9ft & Single. We enlisted the help of friend and film maker, Andrew Gough, to make a mini documentary over the 4 day festivities. We are super stoked and proud about how it came out. Check it out and let us know what you think.

See you all next year!