A beauty all wrapped in black…

A beauty all wrapped in black…
Amongst a month of extracurricular activities that has kept most of us super busy, the Bengkel boys have been quietly and methodically plodding along and this week we see yet another little polished gem emerge. What once started out life as a ‘ho hum’ 1999 Honda GL Pro 150cc has been mechanically, turned on its head.
The brief was as simple as it was complex. The client taped a picture of a Kawasaki W650 to the wall in the bengkel, turned to Mustang and said in his thick Italian accent, “Can I have one that looks like that!”
A masterpiece of metal manipulation ensued where the boys bashed, cut, bent and welded until they came up with this small replica. A highly polished engine and a pool of antique white on the tank offer the only respite on this sea of black on black. Twin Daytona gauges, Japanese indicators, custom tank, seat, headlight with custom built stone guard, chain guards and the list goes on. Once again guys our hat comes off to you. Amazing workmanship.
Check below the images for a complete list of bits and bobs.
Custom Deus tank Custom Deus exhaust Custom Deus frame Custom Deus surf rack Custom seat Custom black fender Custom battery pan Custom wiring harness Black BSA handlebar Polished engine Mukuni PE 28mm carburetor Posh air filter Black gum grip Custom small switches Harley replica head light with grill Imported Japanese Indicators Square chrome mirror Posh stop lights Daytona speedo and tachometer SSX 225 front suspension Black GS 125 rear suspension Rear; TK Japan black wheels 300/18 with 120/80 swallow tire Front; TK Japan black wheels 250/18 with 100/80 swallow tire