A Salty Collab
Now with Harrison on board, it was only fitting that he had his very own created. As Harrison and Thomas Bexon, both being from Noosa are great mates so it only seemed fair that they both spend some time together at the temple working on a sled that would suit Harrison's surfing as well as keeping in theme with Thomas' shapes. What they came up with is something special (a "Harrison Roach Concept"). Turning a number of blanks into a series of 9'4 sanded finish logs, with 50-50 rails turned up and pinched at the nose. 3" thick with double 6oz glass on the deck with 4oz underneath. These things go sick! with knifey rails they turn and hold really well not to mention super fast. We currently have four of these boards in stock at the House Of Simple Pleasures, with one up for grabs during the swap meet on Saturday. In the mean time you can view more detail here! With frequent trips back to Bali there will be more concepts with other shapers to come in the near future.