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Some three months back, we were treated to a visit from our old buddy, Charley Boorman. We've all seen him on the box riding around, down and then by any means. So as you can imagine, it wasn' the first time he'd shown up on our shores here in Bali. And of course with someone that out there, we love it when he does. As is kinda typical of Charley, he had a film crew in tow. All part of his latest tour de force of the region. This time is was for his latest two-wheeled telly offering, a six part series called Freedom Riders Asia.

Being the show ponies that we are, when asked, we anteed up for some beach side antics, a rip-roaring time along black sand beaches. He timed his visit absolutely perfect, almost as if he'd known, arriving in town when we have that once a year trifecta of birthday celebrations that is intrinsically wrapped around some yearly motorcycle mayhem known as The Dress Up Drags.

The program has now been shown on Fox Sports and the producers have very generously let us get a gander of the entire Indonesian episode. Which was fantastic for the Temple Disciples, many of whom had cameo's and perhaps missed it's showing.

We thought it should be seen even further afield, so punters like your good selves can have a chuckle and a giggle. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado we give you, Charlie and the Motorbike Factory