"Ain't it Fun?!" with Nature of Surf Women at Deus Venice

"Ain't it Fun?!" with Nature of Surf Women at Deus Venice
We are excited to team up with Nature of Surf Women and host their pop-up exhibit at Deus Venice.  

Nature of Surf Women is a photography project featuring an ocean-minded community of women surfers who represent a new type of heroine in the surf world. The women featured in this project stand out for their connection to the ocean environment and for their holistic, grounded, and vibrant approach to life.

In many different ways, they have all experienced transformation and found release in surfing. Ivana and Gabriela found a powerful synergy in their collaboration—two women, a surfer and a photographer, with a shared vision: to capture nature and water from the female perspective, to tell the story of women surfers outside mainstream media portrayal, and to celebrate women exactly as they are.

Last month, we hosted a special occasion here at the Venice Emporium as they revealed book pages for the first time. This display will be the focal point of the shop for weeks to come, so please come by to enjoy some of the fine prints covering our walls.

To support for the cause, please visit their kickstarter page to contribute HERE.


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