Bali DGR 2023 – A mountainous task to raise funds and awareness

Bali DGR 2023 – A mountainous task to raise funds and awareness
Set against a tropical backdrop, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place in the world to ride in the Distinguished Gentlemens Ride.

A thousand miles from the hustle bustle of the big cities, 200 ardent accomplices congregated at the Temple of Enthusiasm last Sunday morning. An unremitting pageant of Dapper Gentlefolk arrived on their steeds. Friends were greeted with a laugh and chat. New ones made with just as much ease. Smiles, laughter and the love of motorcycles, in all her forms, are the wonderful currency of these events.

At half past the ten in the morning, Dirk from Malamadre grabbed up a mic, jumped on a chair and welcomed the assorted assembly of riders and their pillions. Dirk has been the DGR Bali organiser for more years than I can remember. Working with his right hand woman, Elo and his team from Malamadre Garage. Deus Bali has been lending a hand with the event every year but on this one we spread the organising workload with Intrepidmoto. The head honcho, James Bruce was our ride leader, his right hand man Dandy was assisting, Arman was the sweeper captain, Widi & Dji were sweeping and we had Erwin picking up the rear.

We made it up and through the cacophony of Canggu into the ricefields, villages and foot hills. Built up areas may have littered the edge of the road but the visions between showed the pallet of green the rest of Bali is painted with. We slowed for Hindu ceremonies, stray dogs, broken away asphalt with potholes aplenty.

The final ruminations of rustic residences fell away as we turned into the restaurants feeder track and forest that surrounded our destination. Parking up and stretching the hour and a half ride out, we flowed into Desa Kopi as quick as the beer was soon flowing down our throats.

They put on a buffet of Indonesian staples, Nasi Goreng, Satay, Sayur, Tempe and tofu. Pay your fifty K, about $5 Australian, and eat to your hearts content.

Walking off lunch to the edge of the ravine, you can’t help but be gob smacked by the beauty of the location. Along the top edge of the valley, we were on a hill in the highlands, below Mount Batukaru, Bali's second-highest mountain, this had to be one of the most picturesque places to have as a destination for a ride of this sort.

In typical Sunday style, without any sense of rush, we finished up and paid our bills before ambling back into the carpark to throw a leg over our bikes to head back down the hill.

The route home was more of a straight line, we hit the major arteries as we came back down and the heat rose. Our final destination was Blacksand Brewery, Canggu’s oasis of finely crafted hops. Pulling into the carpark we were each given an ice cold can of their Kölsch beer, the perfect punctuation to an incredible day.

Everyone in Indonesia loves a good excuse to go for a ride, no wonder there were a total of eighteen this year but for the most part the country is rather light on when it comes to the riders seeking donations, however it is into raising awareness, not to mention all out having a great time. It should be mentioned that Bali led all the cities in Indonesia in terms of donations with raising an incredible US$6300.

There’s not much more to say than thanks to everyone who attended.
Thanks to all the organisers and the marshals on the day.
Thanks to the guys that pre-rode the course, and set all the directional signage.
Thanks to the media team. Didit, Yoga, Rui and Leo on Drone.

And a huge amount of thanks to Mattia and the crew at Blacksand Brewery, those beers on arrival were a great way to wash the dust off.

The Portraits are HERE
The shots from the ride are HERE

If you still want to donate, hit the LINK
See you all next year.


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