Behind the Boards with Rodrigo Matsuda

Behind the Boards with Rodrigo Matsuda

Months of conversations, many late night calls to Tokyo and lot of talent in the bay materialise as a  limited series of boards made especially for the deusmansion by the talented Rodrigo Matsuda from lascawoodworks.

Born in Brazil to Japanese parents, Rodrigo has developed a recipe for hand-crafting wooden boards using ancient traditional Japanese carpentry techniques involving regional woods and natural resins, such as urushi, a plant secretion extracted from Chinese native trees also found in Japan.

Add a special touch of 'Sukumo' or 'uai some', a natural dye made from indigo also known as indigo awa, a traditional dyeing technique from the Endo period (1603-1868) coming from a plant belonging to the Knotweed family, and you get true works of art which deliver on design and performance, as Matsuda himself guarantees.

Trust us when we say no amount of detail in the description of these boards can even come close to the fun they can provide. Rodrigo invited us to his workshop in Aichi, Japan to show us exactly what goes into making these unique beauties. 

Film by: @rasecleirbag


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