We're thrilled to introduce a special artist collaboration with Robert 'Bob' Moore and Beau Foster. Bob's adroit brushwork is deftly applied to a series of six hand-shaped boards custom-built by Beau for the project.

Bob Moore is a true polymath whose boundless passion for cars, surfing, and music informs his iconic artwork. Equally adept with a quarter-inch imperial spanner as he is with a Gibson Flying V, Bob has become a revered and enigmatic contributor to the Deus legacy. His signature paintings of numbers, skull heads, and engines have become emblematic of the Deus graphic lexicon.

Beau Foster fine-tuned his shaping craft for several years under the masterful instruction of Andrew Kidman and Simon Anderson (with a not insignificant introduction to the craft by Ellis Ericson) and that experience has positioned Beau at a unique and forward-thinking place when it comes to hand shaping surfboards with the magic formula of speed, hold and drive.

The accompanying apparel collection features shorts and box-fit rayon shirts adorned with meticulously reproduced yardage prints by Bob. Each print showcases a different facet of Bob's unique creative output, from vibrant oil paintings to irreverent pencil scribbles and artfully misaligned screen-printed racing numerals. 

Film by james.kates

Board stills by Studio Two One