Come with us into the Underworld

Come with us into the Underworld

Artshow’s are a wonderful facet of the Deus Bali DNA. They drop a dollop of fun onto our routine day-to-day. It puts us in a privileged position to work with wonderful artists from all walks, who we then invite to exhibit their work here at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm. Each artist is incredibly different from the last one, and of course, those who are yet to come.

Rowan E. Cassidy is one of the standouts. A talented artist whose praxis, the lessons of classical mastery, draftsmanship, and calligraphy, are always reconnoitring a different and exceedingly rich vein of self-expression. He’s also a top bloke and loves to get in and amongst the waves when it’s on.

Là-Bas (The Underworld), is an exhibition of Rowan’s works on paper. For inspiration, he draws deeply on his studies of mono-mythic storytelling to explore psychological, philosophical and spiritual symbolism.

Rowan approaches each piece of his work with a visceral physicality, it’s massively evident in the expressive gestures and flowing compositions of his larger work. But it’s also apparent at the smaller scale, have a look at these pieces, the precision of marks made by the movement of fingers and wrist are what translates into the energetic artistic presence evident in all of them.

Rowan’s show will run in the Deus Gallery in Bali until May 8th.


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