Yes, an Italian bike!  When you hear the term, you may imagine a high brow attitude and a machine difficult to customize due to its well-thought-out sophisticated design.  In the hands of Deus Ex Machina Japan’s bike builder, Tomoyuki Soeda, however this customized motorcycle named the "BERETTA" has been transformed into an open and casual mindset ride like an American motorcycle, that keeps the delicacy of fine Italian food.

The donor, a 1980 Moto Guzzi V50, with engine, main frame, swing arm, and front fork configuration kept standard, Soeda directed his customizing handy work into the fuel tank, rear frame, headlight area, seat & seat-cowl areas.  Along with the installation of a modified FCR carburetor, original header pipe and silencer a pocket retro cafe racer was created.  A slim fuel tank was created to accentuate the Moto Guzzi ''Small Block'' V-twin motor, so when straddling the machine, the rider has an enhanced view of the symmetrically protruding exhaust pipes from the twin cylinder heads.  The rear end consisting of the seat and seat cowl, pursues a slimmer and more elegant redesign than the original frame line and contrasts to the distinct Moto-guzzi style front end creating two distinct body lines when viewed horizontally from the side, compared to a mermaid contour line when viewed from above.  The seat cowl is steel tube construction like a Ducati trellis frame concealed by welded aluminum panels.  The handmade construction gives the curved surface an organic look and feel. 

"Moto Guzzi V50" has fans globally due to its lightweight, slim frame, and ability to run at high revs, originally debuted in 1977 and was the small block representative for Moto Guzzi with a displacement range from 350cc to 750cc.  Moto Guzzi, the oldest surviving motorcycle brand in Italy, was famous in the racing scene, and the Italian Eagle icon was a symbol of the strongest motorcycle.  This "BERETTA" custom build is to commemorate Moto Guzzi’s 100th year anniversary of Motorcycle excellence. 

Built by Tomoyuki Soeda 
Text by Tadashi Kono
Deus Ex Mchina Japan Instagram


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