Deus Surf Swap & Film Night

Deus Surf Swap & Film Night

The Surf Swap has become a consistent member in the Deus realm of fun provoking, event shenanigans. For those of you who live under a rock, or maybe you’re just new here, a Deus Surf Swap Meet is where the volume knob of surf enthusiasm is turned up to 11. It’s a celebration of yellow foam, old school skateboards and anything vintage which calls upon the blissful exuberance of pre 90’s fun.

Modern designs, informed by the past. It's an idea which permeates everything we do at Deus, from clothing design to surfboard construction. We celebrate all that has come before and have a jolly time bringing old ideas to life, in new and interesting ways. Thats the basis of inspiration right?

Last weekend was no different, with plenty to be inspired about. Stacks of beautiful vintage boards, people from all walks of life and tables overflowing with every type of surf paraphernalia, perused and purchased by their fellow barefoot brethren.

Our friend Darryl Homan (the vintage foam celebrity from a blog last week) made it down with a quiver of beautiful old single fins for all to toggle over. The Sam Hawk rounded pin tail was a crowd favourite. Darryl was smack bang in the middle of surfboard progression and lived to design, build and ride them all – so naturally, he became the star orator of the afternoon. He filled us in on why that Dick Brewer has such square rails, why that Hayden has its fin so far back and how “that board there” was Terry Fitzgerald’s first shape at such and such’s factory.

It was a glorious congregation of classic, well aged surf nuts who wagged their chins, shared their stories and passed on the flaming hot torch of knowledge, amongst their assortment of surf oddities with a bevy in hand.

As the sun filtered down through the trees, bringing the day to an end, our crew drew closer to the Deus Film night and the screening of the long awaited Deus flick; Death Rides a Horse.

At 7pm sharp the theatre doors swung wide and the crew swarmed in. Some of the crew were made up from interested geezers who just had a lesson in modern historical surf, and other attendees who were just eager to catch a glimpse of a true surf and moto adventure, through the dusty Mexican desert.

As it should be with any good surf movie; the crowd hooted and hollered at all the right moments, wishing it was them tearing up the the big screen. If you were lucky enough to plant a seat next to one of the film stars, it was unreal to get the inside scoop on all the bloopers that took place behind the scenes of this great adventure in such a unique place. Death Rides A Horse outtakes coming soon? We’d love to see it.

Walking out of the theatre, most conversations had turned to the good old, "we gotta go on surf trip”, “when are we going back to Mexico” , “lets buy motorbikes and get out of here”.  And thats the highest compliment anyone could ever give, that our story has inspired someone to go out, live their own adventures and have a great time in an unexpected place.

We have to say a big thank you to The J Theatre who housed us for the evening and our drinks sponsors Stone & Wood and White Claw who quenched thirsts all afternoon and through the night. Now I think about it… Maybe the film wasn’t that good? Maybe Darryls stories weren’t true at all? Perhaps we were just starry eyed from the tin can recycling supplied by our booze buds? Either way, it doesn’t matter – because our memories of the night were of the fun and awe we all experienced together.

Photos by Kenyon Batterson.


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