Teams Event - The Noosa Festival Of Surfing

Teams Event - The Noosa Festival Of Surfing

The Noosa Festival Of Surfing is underway. The first stop is always a jam packed teams event, and this year was no different – with two days of sliding, smiling and thunder dividing.

The Deus Team comprised of sunburnt kid; Tom Morat, who flew home from a stint in the US to lay some log, Sierra "Power Rider" Lerback who was making waves as always, Zye “Dont Know" Norris and Jared “Bang-Bang Boogie" Mell brung it home with great style and smiles, taking home not only some of the comps best waves but the land speed record for his dash up the beach.

In the Red corner featured the white hot Deus Surf Team full of high vibes and an eye on the prize. Leading the heat after Zye Norris crossed stepped his way into a 8.00 ride, things we running smooth for our merry band of surfers. Yet as we all know things only end once the fat lady has sung.  

Second place would secure a spot in the final, and second place is where we landed after a monster wave by the Kai Ellis-Flint from “The Wild Things” team, on the final wave of the day, prying the gold from our grasp and replacing it with a silver and ticket to the final. 

The second day saw some more dubious conditions. As the crowds rolled in to see the best teams fight, so too did the clouds. That tropical Noosa weather mixed with an El Niño Summer provided a gloomy mood only lit up by the bolts of lightening cracking over the horizon. The team surfed well and made the most of the waves they could. As Zye Norris past the baton on to Jared Mell, safety messages flooded the speakers and riders began making there way in. 

Jared defied the odds and was heard yelling "they'll never stop me!" as he grabbed his board and headed out. Lightening now cracking over head, and no one else in the water Bang-Bang Boogie managed two of the best waves in the comp and brought the team home with a wet, sparking sail. 

All in all a strong showing from our team and a great way to warm up for the opens competition kicking off later this week. We wait nervously with White Claw in hand to hear the results which will be presented on Sunday. 

If you're in town and want to catch more of our team competing you can catch the Men & Womens Opens which kick off this Wednesday, plus a stack more through the week and of course the highly anticipated Deus Old Mal from the 11-13th of March. 

Check the fixtures here.



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