Deus x Gregorio Motta Surfboards

We were lucky enough to collaborate with Brazil’s own Gregorio Motta. The crew from Deus Brazil teamed up with Mr Motta to create a unique line of boards. A distinctly retro selection including mini-simmons, fishes and logs. Never satisfied with the orthodox, the boards we’re pigmented with natural products including coffee and turmeric. Born to a family of surfers and with an affinity for the sea, Gregorio and his brothers took to surfing from a young age. Following dozens of trips around the world, Gregorio’s passport quickly filled with stamps and salt water. Gregorio’s family also has a foot in the design world, his father Carlos Motta being a renowned furniture designer. It makes perfect sense then that he would develop an interest in hydrodynamics and shaping. Thus ‘Aerofish’ was born and after twenty years, Gregorio’s boards have found their way into the hands of thousands of passionate surfers in Brazil and around the world.