Deus Zurich Ride Out, Between Mountains And Lakes

Deus Zurich Ride Out, Between Mountains And Lakes


Definitely the best that Zurich and its surrounding has to offer: We started our ride at the brand new location of the new Deus store located in the heart of Kreis 4.

Early morning around 20 like-minded people got together ranging from early twenties until late fifties, once again displaying the diversity of the motorcycle comunity around Zurich.

Everyone was eager to take their customized motorcycles out for a ride and enjoy the panorama and beauty of Switzerland.

 Luckily the sun was out this day but due to previous thunderstorms and a fallen tree we had to modify our initial route a bit. We all love us some thrill right?

Around 3 hours and 220kms later we once again all got together at the store to enjoy some well-deserved hotdogs and chilled beer and of course, what would be Deus without a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Between chats and laughter and happily exhausted from the sweet ride out, the gang was then able to enjoy the latest Deus collection in the newly decorated store. And let me tell you, the excitement was big.

 Definitely, a win-win situation, that proved that simple pleasures can make a perfect day.

Once again it was proven that Deus is first and foremost, a lifestyle.

In Benzin Veritas


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