It was a warm spring Sunday that saw the first 2024 Dust
& Fun event take the stage. Experts, rookies, former pro riders and young
promises challenged each other to drift on the dusty Tre Ponti oval in Ravenna,
a stage that just two years ago saw the birth of the successful trophy. An
atypical competition, that is however breathing new life into the Italian flat
track scene.

Nearly fifty riders took part in an out-of-the-box
competition. Here, only glory is at stake: you race fiercely, as in any
self-respecting championship, but not at all cost. Here, we compete as gentlemen,
among friends. After all, racing and hugging each other after the checkered
flag makes everything even sweeter.

Six categories were on the track: Modern, Rookies, Ladies,
Mini, Thunderbike and Street Legal, the latter the one-make trophy promoted by
Royal Enfield that is contested aboard specially prepared Himalayans and Scram
411s. In addition, the riders of the Italian Championship, true professionals
who race bringing with them quite other hopes.

The weekend
started with Saturday's free practice: last call to get familiar with the
terrain, to refine the last details of the bike, or just a simple shakedown. But
the highlight of the day was the evening, with the delightful barbecue all in
company, friends and foes at the table together, sharing a convivial moment
just before entering the oval. Icing on the cake, the screening of the film
dedicated to the Dust & Fun 2023 season, to remember what the past season
has been and look forward to the new year with even more enthusiasm.

 Tent, van, camper, every solution was valid not to leave the
track even at night, but the dark circles early Sunday morning spoke volumes.
It is also this way you measure passion. But the hours of sleep had to be made
up for, because before lunch the dancing would open on the libidinous Ravenna
dirt stage.

 A few laps of free practice and then ready on the grid, the
Mini Flat kids as well as Jacopo Monti, multiple Italian champion and pioneer
of Italian flat track who wanted to attend just for fun and for hanging out
with old buddies.

After the qualifying batteries, the finals: double triumphs
for Michele Guerra, Modern and Street Legal, and Valentina Taboni, Ladies and
Rookies. Believe it or not, the two are partners in life; together with their
son Christian, second in the Mini, a true racing family. Among the Thunderbikes,
our friend and promoter of Dust & Fun Niko Sorbo came back to win, 8 months
after a serious accident occurred right here in Ravenna.

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