Hacked! An artshow by Omri BEN-CANAAN

Hacked! An artshow by Omri BEN-CANAAN

Peeling a strip off the movie and street posters of past, Omri BEN-CANAAN’s beguilement with the Décollage of the 1960’s Nouveau Réalistes Mimmo Rotella and Jacques Villeglé is super apparent with just one take of his wonderfully bright and cavenously deep canvases that you'll currently find gracing the Deus Gallery’s walls.

Having built a slew of businesses around technology it’s no wonder Omri’s images blur the line between what’s ripped off as much as what he’s added on. Both digitally and physically. His aesthetically pleasing assemblages using imagery of slightly hidden celebrated public figures and iconic characters in unholy unifications with street ephemera, ink, acrylic and spray paint.

As with every different show, there is a totally different crowd who turns up. It is always fascinating to see what art makes which people come out at night. The gallery was full to the brim by seven and stayed that way for the rest of the night.

Soundscapes were imprinted upon the night by DJ Badknife who was pushing his bold fresh French dance atmospheres from his decks. Layered under more fundamental funk that our own DJ NCDEMS laid down, the two tag teamed giving all that assembled, little or no reason to leave the Temple until they were asked to.

It seemed the evenings unwritten rule, that once people had their fill of the art they should repair to the backyard to sit with friends, eat, chat and imbibe a glass or three. The bar area grew to three deep and stayed there, resonating with chatter and laughter. Table hopping folk migrating up and down made the pathways between seem like the metro at rush hour.

Hacked by Omri BEN-CANAAN will be hanging in the Deus Gallery in Bali until the 27th February

Video by the artists team. BaliProd
Photos by Didit Prasetyo Adiwibowo


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