If one was, to be honest with ones self, he'd admit that dirt bikes fettled for the blacktop have a tendency to look clumsy. Some may say that all that unnecessary gear, like big ol' indicators, can stick out like a K-9's plums.
This crossed purpose Franken-Mash‚ is where our thumper excels - an effortless blend. Half dirt slinger and half street hustler. Jeremy (Frenchie) Tagand delivers yet again, an SR for the ages. A bike capable of a pink slip as well as the odd berm and yump.

The donor motor has been swapped in and out of more frames than we care to admit (4 to 5 tops maybe). Belonging to Big Daddy Dare Jennings, the almighty single was fitted with a CR Round slide carby and tuned like a Swiss watch by The SR Whisperer Karl from Bathurst.

Never missing a beat and delivering that almighty BRAAAP we, and our neighbours here on Barr St love hearing at 8 am. Ah, the serenity'.
The motors new home is none other than an original 70's SR4 frame. Receiving the usual powder coat facelift.

The wheels & hubs come powder coated in satin black for longevity against the grain of dirt, along with stainless spokes and brass plated nuts. Fitted with new 50/50 Heidenau shoes, the good stuff ya know!

Up top, there's an XT replica tank painted by the man Dutchy, a Nitro head seat and a high set of handlebars fitted with mini switches. District is the name of this game when it comes to road formalities.

The strong-willed engine is matched with equal stopping power, thanks to the full Brembo brake set up. And what's all that breaking power good for if your suspension is shocking (no pun intended)? Well, Not much.
Bring on the Racetech Springs, emulators, and 2-inch extension inner tubes (not compensating for anything, we swear). Rear shocks were also completely rebuilt to assure a comfy yet spirited ride, all thanks to the boys at Shock treatment.

The piece de resistance, the LED turn signals from Kellerman. The indicators so small, Granny could mistake them for her daily Osteo pills. And yes, Johnny Law says they're A-OK. Helping this bike bridge the gap between dirt ready and road legal without the bulky stuff.

Other goodies include a 5 inch Bates headlight, a Pingel fuel tap, Kedo front + rear fenders and an SC-Project exhaust system for that, turn it up to 11 sound. You must now excuse us, but there are some neighbours we must annoy, kick, kick BLAP BLAP BLAP!