In The Can

In The Can

You might remember a couple of weeks ago that we wrote about film maker Jack Coleman. He’s this Californian filmmaker we’re lucky enough to have gracing us with his presence over the summer. You might also remember he shoots only Super 8 film, of which he brought a suitcase full of when he came. Naturally it doesn't take a mathematician to figure that he’s been busting it out all over the place. That led to a chat. Then the conversation started, like most do. Hey why don’t ya…we could do this… lets do something…and so on. Next thing you know everybody's super stoked to be doing this thing together, only hiccup was, we just had to figure out what.

As luck would have it, Deus rider Salsa slides back into town from his journeys far afield and of course the two get on like a house on fire. One plus one and since then Jack’s been shooting Salsa all over Bali from Canggu to the Bukit and back. And to think we were worried...

About a week ago the swell came. Charts were consulted then tickets booked. Swell chasing was something Salsa has refined into an art form. The left hand barrel his home away from home chasing it and revisiting her his staple. Pick up, pack and off they all flew. Tom came round with the photos today and they look absolutely amazing, talk about scoring in the wave department.

While we’re all super keen to see what Jack got in the can. The unfortunate side is we wont get to see those fruits until well after summers end when Jack goes back home. Not that we want him to go, in fact we’d prefer to keep him here. Perhaps next year he can bring it back out for another screening…

Big thanks to Tom Hawkins Photos.