Lead me how to dream - A solo exhibition by Fajar Kadafi.

Lead me how to dream - A solo exhibition by Fajar Kadafi.
Opening nights are these wonderful melting pots of residents and visitors all coming together to share their love of art. Saturday 25th Febuary was no different as we took the curtain down on LEAD ME HOW TO DREAM a solo exhibition by Fajar Kadafi.

Fajar Kadafi uses his canvases to perfectly capture snapshots of the state of society, effortlessly highlighting the hypocrisies and cultural faux pas all within the flow of his signature style. Fajar’s art is never without a solid dollop of his inherent irony. He’ll add in quirky characters to the work that are ultimately performing in an emphatically childish manner. In many ways, it correlates with the artist’s desire to achieve the effect of surprise: “I want my art to be crazy, so that everyone who gazes at them, immediately thinks… show me more.”

Most than a few times he has reflected that his paintings portray emotions caught in the moment. So much so that you sense a pulse beating with in the canvas and a whimsical breath of life in each and every piece of his art.

Fajar did a solo performance at the opening to the enjoyment of all who attended. Donning a faceless clown mask, he enacted a slew of cultural mimicry with the same massive amount of humour his art employs.

Indonesian artist Fajar Kadafi has been painting since 2003. He was immensely thrilled and humbled to be included in the list of the most perspective artists in Indonesia, created by the National Gallery of Indonesia.

Fajar has held many solo exhibitions and been a grateful participant of many more group exhibitions. He is the creator of his own art performance troupe, in the capacity as both a painter and as a musician. He also has his own gallery space in Ubud called, Busyartroom.

We invite you to come to the Deus Gallery in Canggu and enjoy, Lead Me How To Dream - February 25 – March 19, 2023

Big thanks to Bintang Indonesia and Two Island Wines for their support hydrating the opening night crowd.


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