The Onyx

The brief was to create something stylish, that would make you look twice at the details and that you could take from black top to sand with ease. The donor bike presented was an already very capable 2012 Triumph Scrambler.

Camperdown head tech Jeremy Tagand knew straight away what his latest English patient needed to sharpen up.

The cockpit was transformed with a mix of German and Japanese hardware. Black MX bars from a Yamaha TW and the Rolex of speedos, a Motogadget Chronoclassic to work hand-in-hand with the Motogadget M-Unit. Pazzo design provided the levers (in black of course).

Out of the the Deus workshop lab comes a bespoke fender made of alloy that contains all the electrics, including the little magic box power commander from Dynojet. This high tech build would be NASA sanctioned according to Jeremy.

Acting as a mounting point for the plate, blinkers and tail light the subframe is shaped and painted to house the custom seat by a Californian based trimmer in waterproof Kushitani leather adding a well needed touch of comfort to this aggressive ride.

The stock Triumph tank gets a fresh lick of matt black by the trusty Dutchy. The classic scrambler trumpets get the boot for a very tidy 2 into 1, left exit black ceramic coated British custom exhaust, giving the bike a couple of extra decibels to its voice.

The stance cops an upgrade with a new pair of black Ohlins shocks.

Being a firm believer in space, Jeremy swaps the chunky air box for some K&N Filters and frees up some real estate by relocating the battery to the swing arm. What you end up with is a clean and light looking subframe which means a few less kilograms to push down to road on the way your favorite surf spot.

You will notice the oil cooler is now gone, thanks to the oil now running through the sub frame which has allowed for an extra 400mls of coolant. The mighty British engine now runs 20% cooler than stock.

The brief did specify unique and special, so a RSV Aprilia rear mag wheel was chosen to give this build a certain je nes sais quoi. Jeremy fabricated an aluminium billet spacer to retro fit the stock sprocket and the brake calliper.

Last but not least the wee beastie was fitted with brackets for the surf rack before the final squirt of paint, making the the Onyx the perfect city to surf bike.

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