Punching above our weight. Deus Show + Swap

Punching above our weight. Deus Show + Swap
Just kicked off the bed after sleeping off the after effects of another epic day and night yesterday at The Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu. How good was it? Chock a block full of things to see, do, eat, drink and of course hear. Bikes from 50-1500cc, with a rainbow of everything in between.
The "Tattoo Free" area up on the balcony proved very popular taking art to the skin. The inmates kept Kadek busy from when he started at 11 right through to 5 in the evening. Amongst the plethora of people to get inked were even a couple of skin virgins. Nice to break new ground, as it were.
We were joined by a number of bike builders, Thing and Crew, Bayu Wedananta, Eric, Eddi Ngurah, Pandak, Stuart Smith, Nanda, Pro One, and Arif Koencir as well as a couple of Bali's bike clubs, HMT (Himpunan Motor Tua), Bali Naskleng, 13 Chopper Bali not to mention a lot of personal bike owners who showed up to show their rides off. Big thanks to you all!
'5 Songs from God' kick started our musical marathon at midday. Balinese Rockabilly bad boy's, 'The Hydrant' had everyone bopping through the hot afternoon. 'Frankenstein' took to the stage as dusk drove in, revving people up and step changing the whole day. Then when Thump magically turned into DHump Aussie rock legend 'Stephen Cummings' took to the stage to perform his solo set, although the Smokin' Skull did get out there and bashed the skins with him on more than a few tunes. He had the crowd yelling for more and came back with a classic in his encore.
Although not in our repertoire, Yamaha's Xeon modification was pretty sweet for a 'motor bebek', sporting leather covered surfboard racks, slick new paint job, racks for your packs and a Deus Custom surfboard the icing on the cake. Atticus filled the front of the carpark with boxes of great product which they let go at ridiculously low prices and Macbeth gave us ten pairs of shoes to drop into our raffle. Thanks to all three for their support in making it an awesome day!
A fantastic family day fueled with Redbulls, Bintangs, hotdogs, hamburgers and cleaned down with gallons of water. It was a day that ran red hot from yo to go. The word simmer didn't enter into it. I want to also thank the Bengkel boys for putting in their Sunday and for not drinking us out of house and home. The barometer for a great day, and night for that matter, has to be when you trundle into work on Monday morning, feeling less than fabulous and see that the Bali Stig has lorded over the campus through the wee hours of the night. He's good like that, always taking one for the team.
Below are more photos than we generally post but to tell the story properly we just couldn't edit them down further. See you next time. Yeeewww.