When it comes to taking a vintage or special bike and spending a whole day doing laps on an unconventional track, we can say we’re pretty good at it. And since it has been a while since we’ve done something that would really stand out in winter, we decided it was time to bring back the Deus Swank Rally On Ice, this time hosted by the GTR Circuit du Glace in Chamrousse.

For those who have never heard of the Deus Swank Rally, it’s quite simple: It’s a gentleman's race, so every rider had to time themselves with a stopwatch, and we believe none cheated. But even so, the ranking is not the main goal of this event. The Deus Swank Rally is all about having a good time and embracing coolness. And we had plenty of both. We were lucky enough to gather some of the coolest and nicest riders and some iconic vintage and special bikes.

Due to the crazy weather we experienced this winter, we decided that the best time to ride was in the morning and at night when the track was colder. Despite our plan, the ice didn’t last long, and in less than a few hours, the track became a slippery, wet-snow circuit that challenged everyone. Luckily, this didn’t affect the mood of the event; it made it even more fun. Both amateurs and pros had to tame their bikes while sliding on the bends, sinking in the snow, or getting stuck on the climb. So, the first half of the day left riders with a determined will to cope with this nasty (but fun) condition and finish a lap without falling or getting stuck.

After battling ice and snow all morning, we thought the best way to warm up our bones would be with a bottomless lunch of raclette, which took place in a private chalet. Fattened up with melted cheese, it was time for the second pleasant surprise that entertained everyone until it was time to get back on track.

For motorcycle riders, there’s only one thing that has almost the same appeal as riding bikes on the ice, and that's riding snowmobiles. Needless to say, once on the snowmobiles, some riders started hitting the gas a bit too much, resulting in a couple of rollovers and a lot of laughs from the skiers on the chairlift passing overhead.

As darkness approached, followed by a thick mist, it was time for the second chapter on the track. Maybe it was the raclette, maybe it was the experience from the morning — but for this second part, everyone understood how to manage the snow, and one lap at a time, everyone challenged the stopwatch to achieve their best time. Throughout the night, the valley resonated with the rumble of Triumphs from the 60s, the screams of YZs from the 90s, and the cheers of the spectators watching a sidecar speeding through the thick darkness. We saw our riders sharing the same true, strong enthusiasm that gripped us while attending all this, a feeling akin to being a kid in a candy shop. And it was fantastic

Special thanks to Yamaha Europe for supporting the event and joining us on the track and GTR Mountain for hosting us in their amazing place.

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