'Tanks' for the Gold.

'Tanks' for the Gold.
Picture this. We are sitting with a prospective client, who also happens to be a friend of the family. Deus family that is. Anyway, we are sitting there talking through his vision for the custom bike he wants. We discuss, motors and frames. Seats and suspension. Wheels and exhaust. Eventually the conversation gets around to the tank, which was when Tony started to explain the red dragon he would like to see weaving around on the metal vessel.
After collecting our jaw, which was half way to the floor with incredubility, we manage to say "Sorry mate, that's not the type of work we do here..."
Lets go backward to come forward. Our good friend Tony had come in and asked for a bike with a touch of Bali, something that captured the essence of the place. He wanted a distillation of the culture. He wanted the art and craft that is so apparent around the island.
Then... Well, you know what happened next.
Tony is only on the island a few months a year and is in love with Bali and we wanted to work together to realise his dream in a way that everyone would be excited about. The bike was all there, we just had to decide upon the tanks artwork. We had to find a middle ground.
Just when things were looking grim for the good guys along comes Keduk with a craft that has been rooted in Balinese culture for centuries. It's a technique of gold leafing known as 'Prada', a process used in the making of sacred masks and wood carvings for Balinese ceremonies. Our own Keduk it seems is a Master. one of the few skilled individuals. A process handed down through generations. When he came back to us with this flower pattern we thought, in our humble opinion, that never has a floral design been so Tank worthy!
The bike at the base of this build was a Yamaha "Scorpio" 225cc. Then we played with it. Now it's got a tonne of modifications including custom shocks, exhaust, fenders, frame, seat, pegs and plates. We topped it off with a new headlight, posh indicators, Daytona speedo, grey grips, toggle switch for the indicators and of course that tank. I'll tell you, it quickly became the talk of the 'Temple'. Enthusiasm that is.
The customer drove her out of the parking lot today. The smile on his dial split his face in two.
We have a sneaking suspicion that we'll be seeing him again real soon. Perhaps if he drops by to pick up a new Deus Custom surfboard.
Warning! Deus Customs are addictive!