Ladies and gentle(wo)men, 

the first DEUS SWANK RALLY LADIES is a fact. 

Deus Ex Machina launched the first edition of the Deus Swank Rally Ladies during the latest Women Motor Bootcamp, in beautiful Montagnana, North Italy. 

For those who haven’t yet heard about this edition, this is a special one. The Women Motor Bootcamp event originates from the sole purpose to share a passion for motorcycles, engines and sports in general with other women by creating a community where women can share their passion and build long term connections in an environment that feels accessible.

With over a thousand women ready to ride at the last Women Motor Bootcamp, we’ve found that this was the perfect opportunity to introduce a ladies edition of the Deus Swank Rally.

The rules are the same of any Swank Rally: the participants have to register their own time on a track, trying to reach the best time possible. Vintage motorcycles, inappropriate and special motorcycles are allowed, not to forget the ‘swanky’ outfits in line with your motorcycles. What a blast to see so many Swanky female riders in this first ladies edition.

Not only the pros, but even the most inexperienced ladies were encouraged to participate by the overall amazing atmosphere and the grins from those stepping on a bike for the very first time. We’re pretty sure last weekend has kickstarted a lifelong passion and aspiration for at least a handful of participants. That on its own is already enough to call the event a success.

Although riders of all levels were encouraged to take part in the rally, this Swank was surely not a rookies only. No one other than Anna Sappino, 9 times Italian Enduro Champion, joined the tracks and showed us how it’s done… also when she took a Piaggio Bravo on the track. Hanna Verweij, Head of Deus Netherlands, came all the way down from Amsterdam joining the rally on her vintage bike while showing what the Deus Women is about. And of course no other than the ‘Godmother of the Swank Rally’ herself and founder of the Women’s Motorcycle Bootcamp, Domitilla Quadrelli, joined as a perfect representative for vigorous women in a mostly masculine motorcycle world. Something we wholeheartedly encourage, as it’s far from a paved road. The first Deus Swank Rally Ladies carves a road for Deus Women all over the world and encourages women to dust off their (grandpa’s) vintage bikes and take it for a spin. 

The diverse mix of power women joining the Deus Swank Rally Ladies, really showed what a Swank Rally is all about: simply having fun and connecting over two wheel passion. And eating a lot of dust. Besides some mad skills on the track, many ladies brought their amazing vintage ánd inappropriate bikes to Montagnana. Literally carving a road for all Deus Women, while being dressed to impress. We’re ladies after all.

A lot of fun was had, but let’s not forget that there was something big at stake as well. The Deus Swank Rally Ladies being the “sister event” of the Swank Rally Di Sardegna. The winner of the overall winner of the Deus Swank Rally Ladies got to win a ‘ticket to ride’ the next year Swank Rally Di Sardegna. Not the least of rewards we would say. That’s why we want to congratulate with  Giada Vezzu’ for a well deserved spot on the roster, hoping she’ll do just as fine and show the boys how it’s done.

All and all, an amazing weekend of full throttle fun! We are looking forward to the Swank Rally Di Sardegna later this month, after which we will return for the second Deus Swank Rally Ladies event next year!


ph. Yoran Van Rossum


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